Mia Halton

If it weren't for Heather at Art Copilot, Inc. my exhibition career would be limping along ... at best. I teach full-time, leaving little time for anything else. Because of Heather I can use the time I do have, to make art, instead of conducting the business part of my exhibition career. Heather keeps me informed about exhibition and residency opportunities and then facilitates the application processes. She designed my presentation materials. I now feel confident that I will be represented in a professional manner. I count on Heather. She helped me launch a Kickstarter project. She's supportive and very well-informed. It's a huge relief knowing that Heather is working with me.

Alice M. Yutzy

I first met Heather when she made a presentation in a seminar class while I was pursuing my MFA in studio art at Towson University.  I decided to give her "Art Copilot" service a try to redo my resume and artists statement for my MFA thesis exhibit.   That was spring of 2006; and I have been happily using her services every year ever since then to update my resume.

Chalda Maloff

Art can be a lonely business, and it’s been great to have Heather in my corner.  She wears many hats.  She researched and telephoned a number of prospective galleries for me, and also wrote and sent press releases, tasks I wouldn’t have had time to do myself.  More importantly, she has been a valued source of enthusiasm and support.

John D. Jack King

I came into all this art as a novice...outsider in the primative sense of the concept. I had the good sense to have an art/business advisor work with me in developing a “gallery card”..a reproduction of one of my paintings and then telling me about Art Copilot. Heather was patient, helpful and very careful in her production of that card. It has been well received and I plan to do another with her soon. I am also going to use her website development when it is time to update.

Jane Nassano

Heather at Art Copilot is fabulous!  I tell all my other artist friends about her.  She does ALL the things that most artists hate to do.  She'll label your slides, store your digital artwork files, enter all your shows for you, fill out all the applications, apply for the licenses, get them in by the deadline, and send you a reminder when the show is coming up, or the fees are due.  You can send her all your little scraps of paper with names and addresses scribbled on them and she'll add them to your mailing list, or make you a mailing list, make your mailing labels, design and send out your promo cards.  Anything that's sitting in a pile on your desk that you've been putting off doing is what Heather can do for you.  She is wonderful!  My art business would still be in a pile on my desk without Art Copilot!

Allegra Marquart

Heather can be absolutely trusted to speak directly and clearly to any question. You can ask her to work with curators or gallery directors who are publishing your images and know that she will be perfectly polite and helpful no matter what their demands.Your emails and requests will dealt with on time and you'll always be kept informed about what was done and when.

Anne Barone

Art Copilot is wonderful!!!!  Great for artists that have little or no experience navigating through the art show maze.  Heather keeps you up to date on what's going on in the art scene.

Cheryl Finfrock

I have worked with Your Art Copilot for several years and have loved every minute of it!!! Resumes and updates, press releases, and big postcards are a few projects Heather has done for me. I do a postcard with Heather every year; it's kind of a snapshot portfolio to mail and handout. This unique marketing idea has created very nice results. I reccomend Your Art Copilot to all my artist friends and to the students I teach. She is supportive, patient, and has a lovely sense of humor. Really a treat to work with.

Ellen Soffer

I have enjoyed working with Art Copilot.  Heather is very helpful and the CD's and support material she has created for me looks great.

Mary Lynn Allen

Heather designed a new logo for my food blog, Sweet Mary. She was a pleasure to work with due to her professionalism and prompt service. In addition, she had an excellent grasp of what I was looking for in a logo and nailed the design. I love it!

Claire J. Salkowski

We could not survive without Heather’s gracious help, artistic eye and infinite attention to detail. She has managed our entire Marketing campaign for years, created each brochure, flyer, catalog and  event announcement with impeccable taste and knows exactly what we want and how to craft its appeal to the market. Her talent is legend here and  she is my most trusted and beloved colleague and friend.